Epochal World

There has been 5 Epochal Revelations revealed to Mankind.

The Fifth is The Urantia Book.

This Web Site discloses all the Revelations to Mankind.

Jesus Christ was the 4th Revelation


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Revelation to Mankind

1. The Dalamatia Teachings, 500,000 years ago, brought by the Planetary Prince, Caligastia.
2. Adam and Eve
, the Edenic teachings, 37,000 BC, brought by Adam and Eve, a Material Son and Daughter of God. See Adam and Eve.
3. The Salem Teachings, 1983 BC, brought by
Machiventa Melchizedek, to Abraham.
4. The life and teachings of Jesus, born in Bethlehem, the incarnation of Christ Michael.

5. The Urantia Book, 2097 pages, completed in 1935, published in 1955 by Urantia Foundation, Chicago.

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The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book is also known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

It is the most concise revelation in printed form.

The authors of this great revelation (Part I-III) are celestial beings. Part IV was given by the Urantia Midwayers who are residents of this world.

Readers of the Urantia Book have testified that their lives have been transformed in a very profound way.

I urge you to read this wonderful book.

There are many websites that have published this book.

You can also purchase this book from Amazon, etc.

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